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Basics of Digital Marketing

How to get started on digital platform? ” is the one of the biggest question that we all have when we are just about to enter our business in the digital world. To help you guide through this first stepping stone and help you make the most of online opportunities, we have launched 10-Days Course for Digital Marketing Basics.

Our crash course will help you know the ABCs of the digital marketing world so that you can run your own small business on a digital platform or work for someone else as a social media manager.

Master the basics of Digital Marketing in this course, designed specifically for students, small business owners, and aspiring digital marketers.

🎯 Course Highlights

Day 1Introduction about Digital Marketing
Understanding Target Market, Target Audience, and Buyer Persona
Day 2Understanding Branding Vs Marketing
How to do Competitor Analysis
Day 3Overview on Digital Platforms
Social Media Marketing and choosing your right platform
Day 4Creating a compelling Brand Identity
Tools and resources for designing brand assets and graphics
Day 5How to Build a Website
Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Website Design
Day 6Basics of website creation using platforms like WordPress
Optimizing websites for user experience and conversions
Day 7Difference between content marketing and copywriting
Types of content marketing and tips for copywriting
Day 8How to setup and run ads on Facebook and Instagram
How to define audience
Day 9SEO Fundamentals & Concepts
Keyword Research Process, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Link Building
Day 10How to setup an email campaign
Google Ads Fundamentals & Concepts

10-Days Course for Digital Marketing Basics

Course Details

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    Social Media MarketingFacebook Marketing/ Instagram MarketingWebsite Design & DevelopmentContent Marketing/ CopywritingSEO (Search Engine Optimization)Email Marketing

    From creating a page on a digital platform to understanding its strategies, I want to understand the basics of digital marketingI want to craft effective digital marketing strategies for my small businessI want to enhance branding and design knowledge for better visual representationI want more customer engagement and conversions for my pageI want to understand how to create engaging content and write copies for various digital platformsI want to explore social media and digital marketing for my personal growthI want to learn techniques for social media marketing (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) for my clientsI want to explore the tools of SEO, email marketing, and analyticsI want to network with industry professionals and fellow attendeesI want to explore career opportunities in the field of digital marketing